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Founded in 1967, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a postdoctoral research station. Shangshang Cable ranked the No.1 in the first “China wire & cable industry most competitive enterprise”, and ranked No.7 in the “Global Insulated Wire and Cable Producer Scale” from CRU Market Report. Shangshang also won the "Oscar" of China industry --- "China Industrial Award" and won the “China Quality Award Nomination Award” for two consecutive sessions. Ding Shanhua, the Chairman was jointly awarded as the “Star of Honesty” by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the National Development and Reform Commission.
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Shangshang cable used at Beijing New Airport and awarded "Excellent Supplier"
Recently, the good news came from the capital Beijing. Shangshang Cable performed well in the construction of Beijing New Airport Terminal (core area) and was rated as “Excellent Supplier” by Beijing Urban Construction Group in 2018. Shangshang product and quality is re...
Wow! Shangshang won the "Oscar" of China Industry - "China Industrial Award"
On December 9, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group won another heavy honor-the "China Industry Award", which is the highest award in my country's industrial field approved by the State Council and known as the "Oscar" of China's industry. ...
The key of business is credibility and integrity——Ding Shanhua was named “Star of Honesty” By Publicity Department of CPCCC & National Development and Reform Commission
On the evening of December 1, the Publicity Department of CPCCC and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly hosted the "Star of Honesty" conference to be officially broadcast on CCTV Financial Channel. At the meeting, 9 honest individuals and ...
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