• Excellent quality, service and satisfying the needs of customers in an all-round way are the service promises of “Honesty & Quality” in Shangshang.

  • We know well that customers are the ones we rely on for a living. Only by providing the best service can we win the recognition of the largest range of customers. What our service researches is customer needs and expectations, what our service pursues is speed and efficiency. Send what the most needed to customer at the first time, this is "Shangshang service".

  • Shangshang keeps the service promise of “delivering cables is delivering munitions” and forms four service characteristics including the whole process, the whole staff, all-weather and big project tracking.

  • Whole Process Service

    During the whole process of pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sales,we can provide the services, such as engineering design consultancy, project technical support, system matching supplies, customised service, cable training, installation technical guidance, special cable design, cable fault diagnosis and treatment, etc.
  • Whole Staff Service

    Shang Shang established the idea of full service. The customer is in the heart, the service is in the hands, starting from the ourselves, starting from the details, leaving the trouble to ourselves and provides convenience to the customer, satisfies customer demands and realizes mutual benefit and sharing with customers.
  • All-Weather Service

    Shangshang provides 24-hour customer service response, the first time, the first site, the customer satisfaction rate is 100%.
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