Wow! Shangshang won the "Oscar" of China Industry - "China Industrial Award"
Wow! Shangshang won the "Oscar" of China Industry - "China Industrial Award"
Dec 9, 2018
  • On December 9, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group won another heavy honor-the "China Industry Award", which is the highest award in my country's industrial field approved by the State Council and known as the "Oscar" of China's industry.

  • The 5th China Industrial Awards Presentation Ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Only 12 companies across the country were awarded the Grand Prize. On the solemn podium of the Great Hall of the People, the representative of Ding Shanhua, the representative of the board of directors, accepted this heavy honor, and the golden trophy wrote the pride of Shangshang.

  • The China Industrial Awards are selected once every two years and are awarded the “China Industrial Award”, the “China Industrial Awards Recognition Award” and the “China Industrial Award Nomination Award”. The aim is to recognize industrial enterprises and projects that have achieved outstanding results in innovation-driven development and adherence to the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics in the new era, benchmarking and leading the high-quality development of China's industrial enterprises.

  • ” Chairman Ding Shanhua said in an interview with the media at the awarding ceremony that “the industrial category is very wide. It is difficult for Shangshang to stand out as a cable company. It is hard to win the grand prize. It is the recognition of the country for many years hard working of Shangshang. Honor is both pressure and motivation. Shangshang will take this as a new starting point, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, technological progress, and be a refined product, a strong enterprise, and a brand."

  • With more than 50 years of deep-cultivation of cables and ingenuity, Shangshang has established a brand-new image of China's cable brand with “focus, professionalism, honesty, quality, innovation and practicality”. Shangshang ranked seventh in the world and first in China among the cable companies. The self-developed three-generation nuclear power AP1000 shell cable fills the gap in the world. The original “Performance Experience Model for All Members with ‘Four People” as the core won two consecutive “China Quality Award Nomination Awards”.

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